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I’m so happy with the knowledge I have gained about healthy eating and the correct way of completing exercise which has helped me maintain a more balance lifestyle. I feel i have received more than what i expected when signing up, I’ve had a personal trainer in the past but Adrian always went the extra distance to research and assist me with extra program and nutritional advice. I found it very convenience for the trainer to come to me either at my home or the local park. I believe all the goals I have written down on day one will be achieved by their deadline. I really enjoyed the variety Migani Fitness Trainer offers and the friendly service. 
Tania, 24 year old

Adrian Makes training fun ( and hard!!) i don’t have to leave my home and i like that. I have to say i don’t like when he makes me do burpees, they are hard! I really enjoy the motivational texts and chats whilst training, makes the session fun and quick. Did i mention i like the fact i don’t have to leave home HAHA. I love all the core workouts i do on the bosuball. I have learnt that training came be fun, something which i never thought was possible. I believe with the right mindset and motivation i can achieve anything! I know though my training i have become stronger although i haven’t quite reached my goal weight yet ( which is due to my snacking, don’t tell Adrian, hehe) i feel much healthier.
Helen, 48 years old

The service Migani Fitness Trainer provides is excellent, Adrian is never late and is always flexible with training times. I am constantly dropping weight and improving my core strength which is my goal since I first started training with Adrian. The training sessions are tuff and challenging, Adrian’s good sense of humour makes the sessions fun and although training has been difficult with a 2 year oldand my pregnant wife, i look forward to them every week. The guy is an A#&, is all the right ways you want in a trainer!! HAHA he is lots of fun and I’m glad to be friends with him. I recommend Migani Fitness Trainer to others, Adrian is able to help anyone lose weight, gain strength and muscle mass and improve endurance.
James, 28 years old

I started with Migani Fitness Trainer to get in shape for my wedding and have continued afterwards because i have enjoyed it so much. My goal was to look great in my wedding dress and I did :D. I have heaps of fun and Adrian is a great motivator, I love how he helped me set realistic goals to work towards. I loved all our sessions and i looked forward to them. During them it’s always hard and sometimes I feel I won’t get there but I always do, It’s Just a great sense of achievement when I do. I find Adrian to be a fun loving, easy going person who is a great motivator. I have trained in home and outside and personal found the outdoor to be much more enjoyable. Especially in the summer. If it wasn’t for Adrian i wouldn’t be where i am, he has taught me i can do more, push through it!, it’s all in the head stay focused and don’t forget what your training for. Adrian is very approachable and i would say i now consider him a good friend.
Jessica, 30 years old

We are very happy with the results we have set out and achieved. We have some much fun doing the sessions. Adrian is a wonderful person, he has great knowledge about lots of things concerning your physical health and wellbeing. I find it more convenient when Adrian comes to our house rather than us going to the gym. Before my wife and i started with Migani Fitness Trainer i could only walk about 50 meters and would get very tired, now i can walk about 1 kilometre without any problems and it’s good to be alive.
George 64 years old and Karen 65 years old

I love that Migani Fitness Trainer comes to me, i like that i don’t need to travel and the smile on the trainers face. I feel I’m always learning about the human body and i really enjoy all the SMS’s Adrian sends me about interesting facts and nutritional tips. I like that i don’t need to go outside in the cold or rain. I’ve learnt from Adrian to train hard to reach ones potential. Adrian is such a cheerful trainer always talking always smiling always interesting stories always fun always at your door no matter the weather always at your door even if you’re not in the mood hehe.

Stella, 56 years old

After using Migani Fitness Trainer I have broadened my concept on what I want to achieve with my fitness goals! As an aspiring competitive Bodybuilder Adrian has made me realise that it’s not all strength and lifting over barring weight to your best of abilities, but it’s about knowing your limits and listening to your body! without Adrian’s teachings I wouldn’t be a safe and smart bodybuilder. I have been through a few of Adrian’s boot camps and I must say that it kicked my ass. If you are contemplating to do something with your health and fitness choose Migani Fitness Trainer!
Matt, 23 Years Old

I have been training with Adrian for 4 months now and since day one he has challenged and motivated me to keep fit with a variety of workout regimes which he changes up often to keep exercising fun. Adrian has exceeded my expectations as a personal trainer in helping me achieve my fitness goals – my core strength is now amazing, I’m less tired during the day and can actually jog for a couple of km’s without struggling too much. I have never felt better since exercising and I thank Adrian for sharing his knowledge not only on the human body but with nutritional advice also. Thank you Adrian for inspiring me to become a healthier and happier person!
Ashley, 24 years old

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