Setting Yourself Goals

I am often asked why I set goals in my training routines. I find it to be a very odd question, I don’t know any different. Every time I step into the gym, jump on a bike or put my runners on I’m planning out my fitness routine for that session. In my head I have set myself a target goal for the session which I am committed to achieving, I make myself aware that I will not settle for anything less.

I find when I have a focused mind and a clear mental picture of already obtaining my goal or the result  the session becomes easy. No challenge is too great because I have more desire to overcome any obstacle in my way. I find this is the importance of setting goals during training. It starts and ends in your head.

Think about the questions you ask yourself before you train and look at the result of your training session. Is it up to my standards? Have I demanded the best out of myself? How can I improve next time? “Only quality questions create quality results.” Resolve to take steps forward not backwards.


See you next time Fitness Enthusiast!

– Migani Fitness Trainer




About Adrian Migani

Adrian Migani is the founder of Migani Fitness Trainer. Adrian is highly motivated man. He believes that every day is a gift and that our bodies are a direct representation of our psychology.

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  1. Thank you, They are lots of fun to write!!

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