Personal training

Fully dedicated Training and motivation

60 minutes sessions

After 60 minutes of exercise you know you will sleep great at night, be prepared for multiple high intensity exercises. It is recommend when you train to do so for 60 minutes at a time, during this period you have time to warm and cool down without cutting into training time.

Train as hard as you can for as long as you can!

45 minutes sessions

45 minutes is a perfect time to get in the thick of it from the word go! This is one of the most popular training times as everyone can find a spare 45 minutes in their day to look after the temple which is the human bodies.

Don’t make excuse, get on with it and never look back!

30 minutes sessions

For all the people that are on the go this is your best choice, make sure you’re warmed up because when we start we are go go go!

Doing something Is always better than doing nothing!