Mobile training

Migani Fitness Trainer offers a unique mobile service where we come to you

Location of your choice; parks, ovals, beach, or at home! No gym membership, No travel time, and Accountability to your healthier lifestyle

No Travel Time.

No driving to and from the gym or studio. NO Fuel Cost which also means no driving in traffic.
No getting in your car sweaty, smelly and dirty, in fact after training you can run straight in and take a shower in your own bathroom!
Having a Fitness Specialist come to your home also gives you the flexibility to suit YOUR schedule.

Train at home…

In home trainers are great for those who prefer to train in private. If you would not like to be in the eye of the public and to keep your training and exercise regiment private, this is a great alternative. If you have children you can even stay around them while working up a sweat in the comfort of your own home. It’s a Win, Win.

No Gym Membership

Gym memberships can be very expensive and honestly, how many times can you make it each week?!
But you still are paying to train every day.
With Migani Fitness Training, you only pay for the sessions you have scheduled, no more.

…or at parks, ovals, rivers, beach

If you are someone who prefers to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors, a mobile trainer is the perfect choice. There are many parks and ovals in your local area where the training sessions can be conducted.

Your personal trainer is coming to you

Knowing that your friendly fitness trainer is meeting you at a location of your choice creating an accountability factor. You wouldn’t want to be late to your appointment now!

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