• 2012 Olympian Adam Vella


    Our client Adam proudly represented Australia in the 2012 London Olympics and took home gold in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

  • Strength & Conditioning

    Currently, Migani Fitness Trainer is coaching the following Athletes:

    Dragon Boat Rowing: Melissa Obrien, Eliza Campbell, John Cuzzupi, Stephanie Gordon, Michelle Tsui, Amanda Furse & Kim Wilson

    Professional Boxing: Joel Camilleri

    Olympian Clay Shooter: Adam Vella

    Migani Fitness Trainer is also assisting the Port Melbourne Football Club’s Strength & Conditioning dept.



  • Personal Training

    Sessions tailored to your needs,
    at the park, the oval, the beach, your house…
    it’s your choice!

    1-on-1 training

    2-on-1 training

    3-on-1 training



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  • Migani Fitness Mobile Group training sessions

    Group Training

    Boot Camps 

    Lift for Life

    Fit Club

    Students & teachers training

    Saturday Group Training

    2-on-1 or 3-on-1 training


    Fight every challenge together!

  • Mobile Personal Training

    No travel time
    No gym membership
    Flexibility to fit your schedule

    We come to you!


    We come to you!

Welcome to your first step to an improved lifestyle!

Congratulations on making your first step towards a better lifestyle and finding us at Migani Fitness Trainer. You have made a positive decision in your quest for a better quality of life!

It is our privilege to be given the opportunity to educate, motivate and inspire the young and old in achieving their desired fitness and lifestyle goals.

MiganiFT offers a quality mobile service with great variety, competitive rates and notably outstanding results.

Increase your fitness level
Improve your health
Look better
Lose weight
Improve strength
Increase stamina
Train for a sport
Increase muscle mass
Alleviate stress
Decrease blood pressure
Reach your goals
Feel alive!

We share a true passion for helping clients accomplish their goals. With dedication from you, we can achieve anything!


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Live the dream

Achieving a desired goal to feel that sense of fulfillment, use that positive energy to succeed in future ambitions and triumph in life.

– A.Migani